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CanOpener Studio
Vulf Compressor
Tone Control
Trem Control
Faraday Limiter
Good Dither
Midside Matrix
Wow Control
This is test.

A Note on the Type

Most text on this website is set in Covik Sans, an unreleased typeface from OHno Type Co.. Additional headers are set in another OHno face, Hobeaux, and Forma DJR Text, a typeface by David Jonathan Ross.

The plugins themselves use Forma DJR Text for number display, and a variety of typefaces for control labels. Those typefaces are listed as follows (unreleased typefaces in bold; released typefaces linked):

Tone Control, Trem Control, & Wow ControlCovik Sans
CanOpenerStudio, Midside, & Midside MatrixGT Haptik Light
Vulf CompressorVulf Mono
LohiCovik Sans & Jaako
Faraday LimiterTongari Italic & Founders Grotesk X-Condensed
PanpotCovik Sans & Ohno Blazeface (unreleased by OHno Type Co.)
TiltshiftCovik Sans & Covik Serif (unreleased by OHno Type Co.)
Good DitherForma DJR Text