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CanOpener Studio
Vulf Compressor
Tone Control
Trem Control
Faraday Limiter
Good Dither
Midside Matrix
Wow Control
This is test.

Installation Notes

  • This is the installer for all Goodhertz plugins (both trials and purchased plugins, all versions). No other installer is required.
  • This is a 64-bit download and requires a 64-bit DAW and macOS 10.7+ or Windows 7+.
  • To use the plugins, run the installer then launch your DAW / host of choice. For specific troubleshooting tips, visit our faq
  • You’ll need to register for a Goodhertz.co account to use the plugins.

Release Notes

  • New reverb section added in Lossy
  • Added window resizing support in all plugins
  • Added Stereo Width control in Panpot
  • Added Tube Color meter in Trem Control
  • Added Gate Threshold meter in Lossy
  • Added keyboard focus user preference
  • New presets for Lossy reverb
  • New presets for Wow Control’s “Wet Delay” control
  • Improved support for sample rates above 192kHz
  • Improved preset management
  • Improved high-DPI support for high-resolution displays on Windows
  • Overall stability/bug fixes

Historical Artifacts

Version Notes Mac Download Windows Download Released

Minor bugfixes.

Mac Download Windows Download Jan 18, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Lohi Mix knob operating below 25%
Mac Download Windows Download Oct 3, 2017

New features

  • Improved mouse scrolling
  • Numeric gain reduction meter added in Faraday Limiter
  • Typeface tweaks for Trem Control and Wow Control

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed support for Adobe DAWs and Max/MSP
  • Fixed an issue where Lossy’s Auto Gain could cause feedback
  • Fix for option-click reset bug in Pro Tools
  • Fix for custom user default presets in Pro Tools
Mac Download Windows Download Sep 29, 2017

Last v2 release — use if you’re looking for a 2.x-compatible set of plugins — MAC ONLY

Mac Download Oct 19, 2016

Last v1 release — use if you’re looking for a 1.x-compatible set of plugins — MAC ONLY

Note, AU and AAX downloads were separate at this stage.

For AU, download here.

For AAX, download here.

Mac Download Oct 23, 2015